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3 Decades Producing

Technology For Industries

Operating since 1992 in the brazilian market, it has been 3 decades of history and commitment to quality, all thanks to a team of trained and committed employees and the years of experience of its directors.

Over that period, our company has been tracing a constant growth path and conquering our space in the brazilian and international market, by manufacturing cutting-edge equipment, always innovating  and investing in new technology.

That is how ALITEC BRAZIL continues its history, aware of its responsibilities, seeking in the future excellent growth opportunities and the improvement of its services, seeking the satisfaction of their customers, always operating with ethics and consciousness.

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Manufacture equipment and high-quality machinery for industries, helping with improvements and the development of their products. Offer parts and services to our clients seeking the satisfaction of their needs with cutting-edge technology.


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Become a reference in the industrial equipment sector in Brazil and other countries, focusing on the manufacture of High Pressure Homogenizers, looking forward to add new technology that offer highly trusted quality.


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Quality Policy

  • Transmit to our clients via training the best way to apply the products produced by Alitec Brazil

  • Offer security to our customers for the services provided and products sold

  • Honesty and commitment consolidating the terms and firmed deadlines

  • Predict and apply improvements to our quality management system

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The Alitec Brazil is now

a company associated

with the Arab-Brazilian 

Chamber of Commerce 


The Alitec Brazil is now

a company associated

with the Arab-Brazilian 

Chamber of Commerce 

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