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Operating since 1992 in the brazilian market,

it has been 3 decades of history

Alitec Brazil has qualified professionals to better serve you! We offer several types of services in constant improvement of our service structure, investing in the training of specialized professionals.

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We create tools (software) that assist in the development of projects, in the construction and maintenance of products.

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Our main goal is to always provide the highest technology, deadlines and excellent cost-benefit.

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Learn more about our services:

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Spare Parts

Maintenance and Renovation

The high quality, durability and performance of our equipment can only be guaranteed with the use of original parts, manufactured by registered and monitored manufacturers to meet Alitec's high quality standard.

Keep in stock a repair kit with parts that take wear and tear with the use of equipment over time. This attitude will shorten maintenance time.

Click here and request our technical assistance and a highly qualified technician to assist you!

Fast term



Alitec Brazil which is 30 years in the market, established its name in the national market as a synonym for quality, excellence and customer service!

Check out some countries that Alitec has already done business with:

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We have started Alitec's internationalization process, homogenizer manufacturer, meeting the demand from neighboring countries: Colombia, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina and the United States.

The credibility and satisfaction perceived by our customers, made our brand also recognized throughout Latin America.


From that, we identified the opportunity to extend the frontiers of our business and attract new markets!

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In 2021, we intend to further expand the reach of our equipment and customer service!


Alitec Brazil has become an Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce associate in order to serve the arab countries.

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